Why Choose Kelly Birk

How does Kelly achieve 100% satisfaction for his clients

After investing in Real Estate for several years via income properties and land deals, I became impatient working with ineffective realtors, and decided to acquire my Brokers License for my own use. 
I eventually began working with  buyers and sellers and enjoyed it so much, I delved into the Real Estate Brokerage Industry full time.  
I now wake up every morning excited to begin my day.
To date thus far I am able to boast a 95% plus success rate for listings sold. The buy side in my opinion is much easier and is at 100%.
How do I do this?
Without revealing my trade secrets, I simply love what I do, and work very hard to bring a successful close for my clientele nearly every time.
For a detailed list of my work paradigm for sellers & buyers, contact us direct at 630-254-7192 or brokerbirk@gmail.com